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  • What health and safety protocols, including any COVID-19 related protocols, are put in place to protect volunteers?
  • How will I receive training for this volunteer role?
  • Who will be my direct supervisor? Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns and my supervisor is unavailable?

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Logistics Team Member - CityKidz

As a Bus Logistics Support Member, you will be part of an energetic, and highly rewarding team as you ensure safety surrounding CityKidz Saturdays. This role is key to ensuring logistics of the day run smoothly specifically with children unloading and loading, and directing traffic so buses can park or leave safely.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Ensure the safety of all children at CityKidz, particularly during loading and unloading activities involving buses.
• Assist in transporting items from the workroom to the buses, ensuring that all necessary materials for community programming are properly placed on the buses.
• Direct traffic to facilitate the safe parking, loading, and unloading of buses, maintaining order and safety in the surrounding area.
• Serve as a positive and encouraging role model in speech and action, fostering a supportive and uplifting environment for other community members and neighbors.

• High level of alertness and ability to pay attention to details, ensuring the safety and well-being of children during transportation activities.
• Positive attitude towards the role and responsibilities, maintaining enthusiasm and motivation in supporting the CityKidz program.
• Ability to quickly and effectively solve problems that may arise during transportation activities, making sound decisions to ensure the smooth operation of logistics.
• Must be physically able to walk and stand for long periods and access buses.
• Occasionally able to lift approximately 50lbs, demonstrating sufficient strength and mobility to handle tasks related to loading and unloading items onto buses.

• Meaningful Impact: By ensuring the safety of children during transportation and supporting the logistics of CityKidz programs, you directly contribute to the well-being and positive experience of children and families in the community.
• Community Engagement: You become an integral part of a vibrant and rewarding community, working alongside other dedicated team members and volunteers who share your passion for supporting children.
• Team Collaboration: Working as part of an energetic and highly rewarding team allows you to collaborate with others, fostering teamwork and camaraderie as you work towards common goals.
• Skill Development: The role provides opportunities to develop and enhance various skills, including problem-solving, attention to detail, and effective communication, which are valuable in both professional and personal contexts.


1-5 hours per week.

CityKidz, Burlington Street East, Hamilton, ON, Canada

For more information, please contact Tracey Veldhuis.

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