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  • What health and safety protocols, including any COVID-19 related protocols, are put in place to protect volunteers?
  • How will I receive training for this volunteer role?
  • Who will be my direct supervisor? Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns and my supervisor is unavailable?

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Home Visits Team Member - CityKidz

Overview:As a Home Visit volunteer, you will be part of an energetic, and highly rewarding team as you encourage big dreams for children. This role is key to building relationships with children and their families and to provide information of the Saturday program or other initiatives for CityKidz.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Assist the Captain of your assigned Route with weekly Home Visits.
• Connect and build relationships with children and families on your route.
• Follow CityKidz Policies and Procedures regarding Home Visits.
• Assist, through words and actions, in teaching children the messages presented at CityKidz.

• Ability to communicate effectively and build rapport with children and families from diverse backgrounds.
• Demonstrated empathy and compassion towards children and families facing challenges or adversity, showing understanding and support in their situations.
• Sensitivity to cultural differences and the ability to interact respectfully with individuals from various cultural backgrounds.
• Willingness to adapt to changing situations and environments during home visits, as well as being flexible with scheduling and route adjustments.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of children and families encountered during home visits, adhering to CityKidz confidentiality policies.
• Patience in building relationships with children and families over time, as well as persistence in engaging them in conversations about CityKidz programs and initiatives.
• Ability to work collaboratively with the Captain and other Home Visit Volunteers, supporting each other and contributing to the success of the home visit team.
• Physically able to walk a specific geographical area (for 1 1/2 – 3 hours) in all kinds of weather.

• Impactful Connections: By engaging with children and families directly in their homes, you play a pivotal role in encouraging their dreams and providing information about CityKidz programs and initiatives, ultimately making a positive difference in their lives.
• Community Engagement: You become actively involved in your community, gaining a deeper understanding of its needs and challenges, and contributing to its well-being through meaningful engagement with children and families.
• Opportunity for Learning: Engaging with children and families in their homes offers unique insights and learning experiences, broadening your perspective and understanding of different situations and backgrounds.
• Skill Enhancement: The role allows you to enhance various skills, such as interpersonal communication, relationship-building, cultural sensitivity, and problem-solving, which are valuable in both personal and professional contexts.


1-5 hours.

CityKidz, Burlington Street East, Hamilton, ON, Canada

For more information, please contact Tracey Veldhuis.

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