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  • What health and safety protocols, including any COVID-19 related protocols, are put in place to protect volunteers?
  • How will I receive training for this volunteer role?
  • Who will be my direct supervisor? Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns and my supervisor is unavailable?

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Tech Crew - CityKidz

Overview: As a Tech Team Member, you play a critical role in operating sound, computer, and light equipment for CityKidz Saturday studio shows. The Tech Team creates an engaging and entertaining environment where children aged 6-11 can have fun, learn CityKidz lessons, and find inspiration to pursue positive character traits and big dreams.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Develop the skills necessary for operating Tech Team equipment, including studio lighting, computer presentation software, and sound boards.
• Participate in show rehearsals with the CityKidz theatre team to familiarize yourself with show dynamics and equipment operation.
• Operate Tech Team equipment during CityKidz Saturday studio shows, ensuring smooth execution and creating an engaging atmosphere for the audience.
• Work in cooperation with fellow Tech Team members, cast members, and show leadership to coordinate cues and transitions effectively.

• Basic competence in operating a computer, including familiarity with computer software and navigation.
• Willingness to learn the skills needed for operating studio lighting, computer presentation software, and/or a sound board, with training provided as necessary.
• Ability to be attentive and responsive to show leadership and show dynamics, adjusting cues and settings as needed to enhance the show experience.
• Must be physically able to climb the Tech booth ladder in the CityKidz theatre to access equipment and control panels.
• Integrity and commitment to CityKidz Mission of inspiring children to pursue positive character traits and big dreams.

• Creativity and Innovation: Contributing to the design and execution of lighting, sound effects, and multimedia presentations encourages creativity and innovation, as you explore different ways to enhance the show experience for the audience.
• Skill Development: Volunteering as a Tech Team Member allows you to develop and enhance technical skills related to operating sound, computer, and light equipment, providing valuable experience that can be applied in various settings.
• Creativity and Innovation: You have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and innovation by contributing to the design and execution of lighting, sound effects, and multimedia presentations, enhancing the overall show experience.
• Team Collaboration: Volunteering as part of the Tech Team involves working closely with fellow team members, cast members, and show leadership, fostering teamwork, collaboration, and camaraderie.


1-5 hours per week

CityKidz, Burlington Street East, Hamilton, ON, Canada

For more information, please contact Tracey Veldhuis.

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