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Coding Program Volunteer

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Anouar Association is currently looking for Coding coaches to teach our beneficiary members.
ate sectors shortly.

Do something worthwhile: Anouar Association's Altruistic Goal for the Youth of Morocco

Volunteerism, according to Meriam-Webster Dictionary, is an act of doing something that requires time, skill, service and availability to do a job in a community without any payment or without expecting anything in return. It is considered to be a social responsibility of an individual to society. Being a volunteer is offering oneself to the needs of others and being compassionate enough to the beck and call of the less fortunate who needed to be helped. Generosity and selflessness are the key traits of volunteerism.

Anouar Association has been an advocate to enrich the lives of the less fortunate kids and elders in Ait Faska, a community found in the province of Marrakech, Morocco. Since it was founded on January 5, 2017, its main goal is to give assistance through fundraising projects, encouraging privileged people to volunteer and ask donations from partner organizations. Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, the founder and chairman of Anouar Association came up with different volunteering programs to our brothers and sisters who belong to the poverty line. One of these various programs is the call for Coding Coaches to share their skills and talents in computer coding to help the kids of Ait Faska see the importance of computers in the global competition and be able to help them seek and land future careers in information technology and computer science.

Join now and be a generous volunteer for future computer coders like you!


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When: 1-5 hours